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San Diego 2017

August 08, 2017

Third winning award from the A-Team "The Kids From 62-F" at the San Diego International Kids' Film Festival. Nominated "Best Family Film".

Dance with Films

September 15, 2016

Official selection from the A-Team "The Kids From 62-F" at the Dance with Films Festival 2016.

Newport Beach 2016

June 15, 2016

Second award winning from the A-Team "The Kids From 62-F" at the Newport Beach Film Festival 2016. Nominated "Audience Award Family".

Variety Magazine 2016

February 16, 2016

Showing in the Variety magazine after winning the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival.

HRIFF 2016

March 09, 2016

First award winning from the A-Team "The Kids From 62-F" at the Hollywood Independent Reel Film Festival 2016. Nominated "Best Family Film".

Hollyshort 2011

July 04, 2011

Director Imani Shakur at the 7th Hollyshort Film Red Carpet, representing the commercial Doritos on the theme of a Freaky Old Man...

Motor Car Now: Return of the Spinners

February 16, 2011

At the 2011 SEMA Show in Las Vegas I spotted these on a car there.

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