KOS - Synopsis
“King Of The Street” is a full length feature film about “Quarter Mile” . An American Donk street racer, who retires after his best friend dies in a street race and has to find his way out of a deep depression and back into society and racing after mentoring an aspiring young Donk street racer, who comes to him to escape the gritty streets of Miami.

The Culture

There are thousands of  American muscle cars all over the world and the U.S. This is due in part to MIAMI, the internationally known Mecca of fast American muscle cars, and Donks (1971-1976 Caprice/Impala)!  Because the Donk car culture started and originated in Miami we think that it will be most beneficial to include popular recording artist from Miami and the south who themselves own and drive these custom cars on a daily basis.  Not only will they bring their audience that buys their music to the theater but they will also lend their talents to the soundtrack

The Cast
DJ Khaled believes he was born to be an entertainer. That’s understandable, considering that the 30-year-old New Orleans native has spent more than half of his life DJing. Even his birth name, DJ Khaled DJ Khaled, makes it seem like his life was never intended to be ordinary. For the past 15 years, that predestined entertainer has found his goal commanding South Florida Hip-Hop fans to follow DJ Khaled's signature phrase and “listennn.”

The Miami-based DJ is now using that same enthusiastic self-promotion for Listennn…The Album, his debut on Koch Records. The Terror Squad DJ flexed his rolodex muscle and called on some of the top names in Hip-Hop to lend vocals and production. While DJ Khaled can forever claim to have brought Beanie and ‘Kiss full circle, he’s not quick to follow suit with his own crew’s G-Unit issues. This kind of attention may draw attraction to the project, but will that be enough? DJ compilations are traditionally dismissed by critics and consumers. However, the self-proclaimed “new logo of Koch Records” is out to spin that notion right around.

As a member of the Slip-N-Slide (Trick Daddy, Trina) crew Rick Ross is part of a bubbling Miami scene that is sure to be making noise on Atlanta and Houston levels this year. But Ross's Miami is unlike any one you're gonna see on a postcard. Rick Ross's Miami is one where drug deals and dropped bodies happen in the shadows of Art Deco hotels and plush nightclubs. It's the luxury and the tragedy. It's an American Dream and an American Nightmare. 
"I see this album in the tradition of Reasonable Doubt and Ready To Die," says Ross. "It's made to be a classic. It's made to make everyone stop and re-think the whole game." That may sound like a heavy task, but Ross is up to the job. To snatch a phrase from KRS-1, many people know Rick Ross, yet he's known by few. Ross has been waiting his entire life to make Port Of Miami.

He's been honing his craft as a behind the scenes man, ghostwriting (our lips our sealed on that one), and generally making himself a staple of the Miami hip-hop scene. But his sound isn't one confined to the bounce and bass that made the city famous."I rep Miami, the 305. But my sound goes beyond the city. You can hear everything from UGK to Jay-Z in my music. It's universal street music. There's no area code on it." In hip-hop, in 2006, you have to be as big as the culture you represent. You have to be more than music, more than mixtapes, more than a fad. You have to be a movement. Rick Ross, in the tradition of Ice Cube and Jay-Z, is a rebel hustler. He's a renegade who gives you an inside look at how it really goes down in America's paradise. He gives a voice to those who have none. This summer, you're going to hear him loud and clear. Hop on board, or get out of the way.

Champions are usually crowned based on the number of times they emerge victorious in competition. Being the people's champ, however, requires something entirely different, but equally tough - possessing the kind of personality that wins the hearts and minds of the public. With the release of his highly anticipated major label debut LP, The People's Champ rapper Paul Wall affirms his status as one of the most appealing and charismatic young voices to emerge from hip hop's Southern hemisphere. "My music is about hustling, not just hustling in terms of the block," explains the 24-year-old Houston, Texan. "It's music that inspires you to go out there and get it - doing whatever you gotta do. As far as being the people's champ, I've always treated people with respect whether you work in the mailroom or you're the president of the company. And the people in general have really just embraced me for that. "

A few of the movies that Noel has appeared in that helped him grow as an actor have been in big box office hits including Training Day with Academy Award Winner Denzel Washington and his role in Bruce Almighty? (the monkey scene) alongside actor and comedian Jim Carey. Noel also recently appeared in Christopher Nolen's Bat Man "Dark Knight Rises."

There have been various roles that made Noel very popular amongst teen audiences. Hector in The Fast and The Furious with actors Vin Diesel (Boiler Room, Triple X, Chronicles of Riddick) and Paul Walker (Varsity Blues, Joy Ride), also Malibus Most Wanted, National Security, S.W.A.T. and a starring role in Party Animalz, that was independently released. This past year has been exceptionally busy for the actor. Noel also has various films to be released in 2006 including, Splinter, starring actors Edward James Olmos, Maria Conchita Alonso and Emilio Rivera and The Virgin of Juarez, directed by Kevin James Dobson, written by Michael Fallon, featuring actors Esai Moreles, Jacob Vargas and Minnie Driver.




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