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Welcome to Infinite Stories Entertainment Group


01An Innovator is a pioneer, someone who helps open a new line of research or art! At IS ENT GROUP we continue our quest to push the envelope and produce innovating and creative productions. How can we do this in a different and Innovative way is always the question we ask first.



02 A creator is a person or thing that brings something into existence. From film ideas, music video concepts, telelvision ideas, documentaries, animation and special effects we are always ready to bring something fresh and new into fruition for the world to see!


03 At IS ENT GROUP no matter what story or subject matter we decide to explore as entertainers our number one goal and first priority is to entertain.


04By definition to collaborate means to work together, especially in a joint intellectual effort. At IS ENT GROUP we welcome collaboration from companies and individuals that are striving for the same goals of excellence in production.

Recent Work

  • "King of the Street" movie presentation

    “King Of The Street” is a full length feature film about “Quarter Mile” . An American Donk street racer, who retires after his best friend dies in a street race and has to find his way out of a deep depression and back into society and racing after mentoring an aspiring young Donk street racer, who comes to him to escape the gritty streets of Miami.

  • "Cold World" music video

    Inspired by the BET Cinema Original Movie "GUN HILL" starring Larenz Tate
    Shire' (Sha-Ray) feat Maino

  • "Stay with me" music video

    Directed by: Imani Shakur
    Filmed at: Peermusic Los Angeles
    Performed by: Black Violin
    Vocals: Wil Baptiste
    Violin: Kev Marcus
    Written by: Sam Smith and Jimmy Napes